San Diego Stucco Repair

Stucco Repairs are our specialty at Nurse Stucco! Stucco repairs with color and texture matching and stucco patching are our specialty at Nurse Stucco. Exterior stucco is most vulnerable to water damage. You might be tempted to simply paint over stains on your stucco siding but those stains may indicate damage to the stucco, and possibly even the structure. If you suspect that you have damaged exterior stucco you can call Nurse Stucco and count on a thorough evaluation of your repair needs.

Stucco wall with crack
Stucco wall after repair

Just because you can find home improvement magazine articles and YouTube videos showing you how to do DIY stucco repair doesn’t mean repairing stucco is a fast or an easy job. Repairing stucco is tricky because of its layered construction. Minor crack repair may be repaired at the surface with acrylic fillers as a DIY project, but most stucco repairs involve getting down to the substrate and repairing outward to the surface to make sure that the repaired surface will prevent unwanted water intrusion.

But really, the hardest part of stucco patching is color and texture matching. Our quality-oriented professionals at Nurse Stucco are experts at stucco repair and color and texture matching. We do not apply a one-size-fits-all approach to repairs in stucco surfaces. The Nurse Stucco specialists will thoroughly evaluate the damaged area prior to starting, and the repairs will be exactly what is needed to restore the integrity of the stucco siding.

As a premier and licensed San Diego, California Stucco Contractor for exterior stucco, lath or interior plaster repair needs, consistently rated A+ by the San Diego BBB, Nurse Stucco is the preferred choice of homeowners and property managers throughout San Diego and surrounding communities. Nurse Stucco provides expert stucco repair, recoat and restucco services – from complete exterior makeovers including complete recoating or restuccoing with new colors and textures, fog coating stucco for permanent color, new construction structures or expansions with exact color and texture matching to the existing structure, to architectural foam door and window trim upgrades.

At Nurse Stucco, we’re always thinking of how we can improve the process of making our customers happy, giving them options no one else even thought of. We are professionals at repairing residential and commercial properties. Our goal is to not only improve the look of your home or business, but to do the job better than any other company, and we consistently meet and exceed our goal!