Repairing cracked, flaking or crumbling stucco is a Nurse Stucco speciality.

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Fix Cracked, Crumbling, Flaking Stucco

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As San Diego stucco repair contractors we work with a variety of clients with all different repair project types. Contact us for a free stucco repair quote or give us a call at (619) 561-7429.

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Fix Cracked, Flaking, Crumbling Stucco

Over time, cracks or crumbling areas in your stucco may appear due to weather, water intrusion or buildings slightly settling on their foundations. Flaking and crumbling at the bottom of the wall is normally caused from moisture being drawn from the surrounding soil. This is usually caused by the stucco coming in contact with soil and extended exposure to moisture which allows the salts and minerals contained in soil and cement based products to migrate to the surface. The most common causes are water from sprinklers continually soaking the wall or improper site drainage (water draining toward the wall). This can eventually deteriorate the stucco and cause delamination, flaking and crumbling.

Repairing cracked, flaking or crumbling stucco is a Nurse Stucco speciality.

Though the repair process is a simple and usually a short task with premixed stucco patch repair compound and a bricklayer's trowel or putty knife, it's a job best left to the professionals from Nurse Stucco who will not only make the needed repairs quickly and affordably, their stucco repair technicians will also evaluate the damage and identify the root cause so you can fix the real problem - not just the spot repair.

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Nurse Stucco offers complete plaster and stucco repair services to fix cracks and damaged stucco and plaster. In addition to patching and repairs, Nurse Stucco provides complete restucco services - from exterior home makeovers including complete recoating or restuccoing with new colors and textures, fog coating stucco for permanent color, new construction structures or expansions with exact color and texture matching to the existing structure, to architectural foam door and window trim upgrades.

When you need professional stucco repairs, or are thinking of recoating or restuccoing your home or business property, call us at (619) 561-7429 for a free estimate or for additional information.

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