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We are a San Diego Stucco Contractor serving ALL of San Diego County! At Nurse Stucco, we’ve been delivering superior stucco solutions for over 40 years. Our highly-skilled professionals provide expert stucco repair services and patching from the moisture barrier beneath your walls to a seamless restoration of color and texture. If you’re worried about exterior stucco damage, and need a quality exterior stucco contractor, just give us a call – no obligations! We’ll inspect your project free of charge and offer up honest pricing. Plus, all our stucco repairs are completed promptly so that you can get back to enjoying life in San Diego.

San Diego Stucco Contractors know that Sometimes stucco repairs go beyond fixing a simple hole in the wall from where your plumber fixed a water or gas pipe, or your electrician added a new panel for your new solar panels. Here we’re repairing a wall where a garage door was removed to convert the existing garage to an office at home.

Breaking back the existing stucco | San Diego Stucco Repair

The existing stucco is “broken back” from the garage door frame to expose the existing paper water barrier and metal lath. We will tie our new water-resistant paper and lath into the existing walls. This is to make sure the new stucco will have a solid connection joining into the existing walls, and meet/exceed San Diego Building Codes.

Lath wire over paper | San Diego Stucco Repair

The moisture barrier goes on next, behind the lath, and window flashing is installed. At this stage, we’ll also add corner aid if required as well as edge flashing and weep screed at the bottom of the wall. Again, use the “right materials” and not the least expensive available, and you do the job right the first time.

Lath ready for inspection | San Diego Stucco Repair

Moisture barrier is on, flashing installed as required, and lathing metals (wire, flashing, screed, etc.) are secured to the substrate.  The lath portion of this job is ready for inspection, to ensure our work is 100% in compliance with your local building code. At Nurse Stucco we don’t cut any corners, and our work passes inspection every time.

Our stucco repair work MEETS, and usually EXCEEDS San Diego Building Codes. We build to exceed our 25-year warranty. As for Nurse Stucco, it’s a very simple concept, do it right the first time, and you just don’t have warranty claims.

Not every stucco repair is a new wall or room addition

This is the beforeStucco wall after repair

Just because you can find home improvement magazine articles and YouTube videos showing you how to do DIY stucco repair doesn’t mean repairing stucco is a fast or an easy job. Repairing stucco is tricky because of its layered construction. Minor crack repair may be repaired at the surface with acrylic fillers as a DIY project, but most stucco repairs involve getting down to the substrate and repairing outward to the surface to make sure that the repaired surface will prevent unwanted water intrusion.

But really, the hardest part of stucco patching is color and texture matching. Our quality-oriented professionals at Nurse Stucco are experts at stucco repair and color and texture matching. We do not apply a one-size-fits-all approach to repairs in stucco surfaces. The Nurse Stucco specialists will thoroughly evaluate the damaged area prior to starting, and the repairs will be exactly what is needed to restore the integrity of the stucco siding.

High-Quality Stucco Repair to Meet Your Needs

As a premier and licensed San Diego Stucco Contractor for exterior stucco TOP RATED and 100% RECOMMENDED by HomeAdvisor and consistently rated A+ by the San Diego BBB, Nurse Stucco is the preferred choice of homeowners and property managers throughout San Diego and surrounding communities. Nurse Stucco provides expert stucco repair, recoat and stucco repair services – from complete exterior makeovers including complete recoating or restucco with new colors and textures, new construction structures or room additions with exact color and texture matching to the existing structure, and architectural foam door and window trim upgrades.

At Nurse Stucco, we’re always thinking of how we can improve the process of making our customers happy, giving them options no one else even thought of. We are professionals at repairing residential and commercial properties. Our goal is to not only improve the look of your home or business, but to do the job better than any other company, and we consistently meet and exceed our goal!

Building Inspiring Spaces

At Nurse Stucco we offer a variety of Stucco solutions for Residential homes and apartments to Commercial Businesses throughout San Diego county. Our experience will help you save time and money and will bring added value to any of your Stucco projects.

Services we offer include:

  • Re-coat & Restucco
  • Room Additions
  • Custom Homes
  • Commercial Stucco
  • Residential Stucco
  • Historical Home Repairs
  • Synthetic Stucco Finishes
  • Complete Lath & Plaster
  • New Home Construction
  • Commercial Stucco & Plaster Repair
  • Remove and replace stucco
  • Stucco Repair on electrical panel replacements
  • Monokote Beams
  • Residential Stucco & Plaster Repair
  • Block or Frame Wall Plaster
  • Fog Coating
  • Exterior Rejuvenation & Repairs
  • Water and Sand Blasting
  • Scaffolding
  • Stucco Stain Removal
  • Architectural Foam
  • Stucco Home Makeovers
  • Fire & Water Damage Stucco Repair
  • Stucco Trash Enclosures
  • Stucco Room Additions
  • Monokote Fireproofing

While Nurse Stucco partners with developers on new home and commercial projects, homeowners looking to add value to their new or existing home are our primary customers.  Whether you are considering a remodel, retrofit or applying stucco to your new home, Nurse Stucco is your best solution.

A Stucco  Technician For Any Size Job

Residential stucco repair and stucco patching are part science and part art…and both art and science are practiced daily by the highly skilled craftsmen at Nurse Stucco. In addition to the technical aspects of mixing the stucco components correctly, and applying the stucco to the area to be repaired or patched, the artistry comes into play with matching the exact texture to the surrounding areas, and blending the colors to render the repair invisible. Let the experts at Nurse Stucco provide their skill and experience to provide you with the perfect stucco repairs.

Befor Stucco RepairAfter Stucco Repair
Stucco wall with crack | San Diego Stucco RepairStucco wall after repair | San Diego Stucco Repair

Just because you can find home improvement magazine articles and YouTube videos showing you how to do DIY stucco repair doesn’t mean repairing stucco is a fast or an easy job. Repairing stucco is tricky because of its layered construction. Minor crack repair may be repaired at the surface with acrylic fillers as a DIY project, but most stucco repairs involve getting down to the substrate and repairing outward to the surface to make sure that the repaired surface will prevent unwanted water intrusion.

Complete Restucco Services

Nurse Stucco, Inc. has been serving the stucco and re-stucco needs of the San Diego residential community from the first day we opened our doors for business. We are experts in all phases of residential stucco & re-stucco construction with 40+ years experience. We pride ourselves in taking the time to provide you with all the information needed in order to make the best decisions about stuccoing your home. It is important to us here at Nurse Stucco, Inc. to provide 100% satisfaction for our customers.

We have a tested and proven track record of sustained superior performance, and Nurse Stucco is consistently rated A+ by the BBB. If you’re considering stuccoing or re-stuccoing the exterior of your home, please do not hesitate to contact us at (619) 561-7429 with your questions and be sure to ask us for a free and no obligation quote for your stucco or restucco project. We believe you’ll choose Nurse Stucco for all of your stucco needs.

Building Commercial Success

General contractors of commercial construction projects know there is a huge difference between residential and commercial grade stucco contractors. The difference is experience, planning, resources, staffing, production, testing and certainly expectations. When building walls hundreds of feet long and high, it is imperative to construct straight courses, consistent grout lines and perfectly flat walls. Structural walls must be built exactly to plan utilizing bond beams, reinforced steel and concrete that meets architectural specifications. Commercial stucco contractors must possess the field experience to quickly create solutions to unforeseen field variances that the general contractor, architect and building owner are comfortable with, and that don’t delay production. We encourage you to forward your set of plans to Nurse Stucco Inc. for a quick proposal that will help make your project a success.

Ashley Furniture Miramar Road | San Diego Stucco Repair

Nurse Stucco, Inc. has been serving San Diego’s commercial and residential building contractors with quality new stucco installation of both traditional stucco and synthetic stucco (EIFS) since we first began and are San Diego stucco specialists. We pride ourselves in our flexibility and the reliability that we provide to our contractors, and our proven track record speaks for itself.

General contractors, commercial property managers and homeowners’ associations choose Nurse Stucco Inc. for their commercial re-stucco and repair needs because of the quality of their work, their reliability to get the job done, and their integrity. Nurse Stucco Inc. has been serving the commercial community for over three decades. Call us at (619) 561-7429 and let us show you why Nurse Stucco Inc. is your best choice for your next stucco project.

Monokote Fireproofing from Nurse Stucco Inc.

Monokote MK6 is a low cost, gypsum-based, cementitious spray-applied fireproofing designed for an easy, fast application to steel and concrete substrates.

Monokote MK-6 fireproofing application

Proven, in-place performance on interior structural steel makes Monokote MK6 the most widely used fireproofing in the world.  Monokote affords greater flexibility for both large and small fire-proofing projects.  At Nurse Stucco, we offer complete commercial fireproofing application, as well as patching and repair services for existing projects.

Monokote high density cementitious fireproofing has been developed by Grace Construction Products to meet specialty and industrial fireproofing requirements requiring greater resistance to harsh environmental. Monokote is a Portland cement-based, factory-mixed material requiring only the addition of water on the job for applications. It is spray applied, providing up to 4 hours of fire resistance. Its physical characteristics are excellent for areas exposed to environmental or climatic conditions. Monokote may be used in areas where high durability and corrosion resistance is required such as substrates subjected to exterior exposure.

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Nurse Stucco has been proudly serving San Diego for 40+ years in all phases of plaster and stucco application, stucco refinishing, and stucco repair.  We have completed countless residential projects maintaining a continuous A+ rating with the San Diego BBB since we started… a record that speaks for itself!  Whatever your stucco needs, reach out to us for your next project and see for yourself why Nurse Stucco is the preferred choice throughout San Diego.