Stucco Maintenance And Repair – Identifying Damage

Even the most carefully mixed and expertly applied Portland cement plaster will develop cracks.  With the proper use of control and expansion joints, addition of fiber shorts to basecoat mixes, and using only the best quality ingredients (especially sand) can go a long way toward limiting the amount and severity of cracking that will [...]

Stucco Maintenance And Repair – Identifying Damage2022-04-19T19:12:33-07:00

San Diego Stucco Patching

Providing San Diego homeowners affordable stucco patching solutions for over 35 years. When you need professional and affordable stucco patching services in San Diego and surrounding communities, Nurse Stucco should be your stucco contractor of choice. Nurse Stucco offers complete plaster and stucco services from complete new home stucco application, re-stuccoing existing structures, to [...]

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What Is Stucco? The Basics

Stucco - also called Portland cement plaster - is an attractive and durable cement based coating that can be applied over masonry, properly prepared metal or wood framing and/or sheathing, or special insulation board surfaces.  Because of the inherent advantages (insulation properties, moisture resistance, a relatively rough/rustic look, low maintenance, and flexibility) of Stucco [...]

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