Even the most carefully mixed and expertly applied Portland cement plaster will develop cracks.  With the proper use of control and expansion joints, addition of fiber shorts to basecoat mixes, and using only the best quality ingredients (especially sand) can go a long way toward limiting the amount and severity of cracking that will occur – neverless, stucco will crack as it dries, and over time , as it contracts and expands.  The real issue is whether any cracking is excessive, and whether any other deficiencies develop in a stucco finish. We can evaluate and repair your stucco.

Before beginning any repair, the stucco should be thoroughly inspected to evaluate the extent of the damage and determine how much material must be repaired or replaced.  Some damage will be obvious – like holes, missing sections due to contractor work (like plumbers or electricians dealing with other issues).  Other damage may be less obvious in a quick visual inspection, but can be evaluated by lightly tapping on the surface.  For example, water-damaged stucco often forms bulges as the coats of stucco begins to delaminate and metal lath and nails rust.  The bulge grows as the problem grows; eventually, the damaged section can fall away from the building.  Problem areas like this will make a hollow sound when lightly tapped with a hammer.

Other causes of stucco failure can include the paper or lath around windows and other openings, or at control or expansion joints was installed incorrectly, or has failed, leading to water entering the walls.  We frequently see this as homeowners install energy efficient windows and doors, as well as install solar panels with additional/larger electric panels to manage and reduce their electricity demands.  Broken or rusty FHA stucco screeds are another frequently encountered issue that we see in San Diego.  Metal screeds are designed to be open and exposed at the bottom of your stucco as a way to release moisture build up between the stucco and the moisture resistant paper liner.  Replacement or repair of these broken or rusty screeds can be done without taking off the entire wall, and will prevent additional moisture intrusion into your walls and possibly inside your home.

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