Types of Repairs for Stucco Cracks

These are the types of repairs for stucco cracks you might consider – ranging from the least to the most expensive.

Fill the crack – Apply a stucco patching compound on the crack and work it into the crack to fill it. Smooth the edges to match the existing finish. It’s the least expensive solution, but it can leave the wall surface with a perceptible appearance of having been patched, and tends to attract attention to the repair as well as being a less permanent repair than other options.

Fill the crack, then paint – To reduce the appearance of being patched, carefully fill the crack with a stucco patching compound, and then paint the entire wall with a specially formulated stucco paint. The paint can blister, however, if moisture is allowed to get behind it.

Fill the crack, then use an elastomeric paint – Fill the crack with a stucco patching compound, and then paint the entire wall with an elastomeric paint. Elastomeric paint is somewhat flexible and can help keep minor cracks from reappearing. The paint can blister, however, if moisture is allowed to get behind it.

Recoat the wall from edge to edge – Fill the crack(s) with a stucco patching compound, and then re-apply the final stucco coat to the entire wall. Recoat and restucco provides the best long term repair value, as well as the best appearance for your home.

Apply polymer basecoat with fiberglass mesh – This coating system, sometimes called synthetic stucco, combines an attractive finished appearance with a slightly flexible coating that resists cracking. It is a more expensive solution, however and must be applied from edge to edge.

Remove the stucco and start over – While this is rare, there have been homes involving such horrible workmanship and such extensive stucco problems that the homeowners were faced with the need to have their home’s exterior stripped to the frame and the stucco re-done from scratch.  This is obviously expensive and a rarely recommended repair solution… a true last resort solution for the homeowner.

Sometimes the best solution is to get the professional advice.  At Nurse Stucco we offer free estimates, and along with the free estimate we are happy to share our experience gained from over 40 years in the stucco business.   Sometimes problems with your stucco go beyond the obvious, and there may be underlying issues that mean a simple surface repair today may not solve the long-term problem.  Reach out to us through our Contact Form, or give us a call at (619) 561-7429.

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