Stucco – also called Portland cement plaster – is an attractive and durable cement based coating that can be applied over masonry, properly prepared metal or wood framing and/or sheathing, or special insulation board surfaces.  Because of the inherent advantages (insulation properties, moisture resistance, a relatively rough/rustic look, low maintenance, and flexibility) of Stucco as a siding, builders and homeowners in San Diego and Southern California choose stucco as their go-to siding of choice.

Stucco can be applied to both interior and exterior wall surfaces, however in recent years stucco and restucco applications are primarily focused on exterior walls and that is our main focus here at Nurse Stucco.  Stucco makes an excellent exterior surface.  It provides some level of soundproofing, and it can withstand moderate earthquakes with minor cracking, is fire resistant, and provides good wind protection.  For these reasons and more – even in the more severe climates in Southern California and East San Diego county – you’ll find many older stucco buildings still in great condition.

When it comes to aesthetics, depending on the finish texture selected, stucco can create great interest with highlights and shadows both in day-light and at night with proper lighting.  And when it comes to color, stucco features long-lasting, “built-in” color as part of the stucco color coat.

Although stucco at first seems like a very simple technique, inadequate preparation, incorrect or inappropriate mixtures, or improper application can result in major problems causing the stucco to bulge, separate, crack, or worse: allow the entry of water, causing the wooden subsurface and frames to rot or develop mold or mildew.  If you need stucco repairs, call us at (619) 561-7429 and request a FREE and no obligation estimate for your project.